Education Visa


If you wish to study or do internship in Thailand, then you have to apply for a Non-Immigrant ED Visa ("Education Visa").  You may qualify for Education Visa, if:

1.  you have received an original letter of acceptance from the respective education institution (school, institute, or university) in Thailand;

2.  you have received all required documents from the respective education institution (school, institute, or university) in Thailand;

3.  you can provide a bank statement which should indicate a certain mount of money deposited in your account (for example, not less than USD 700 or equivalent of this amount in any currency).  You also can provide a family account's bank statement, provided that it should indicate a certain amount of money deposited in that family bank account (for example, USD 1,500).*  

* The respective Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate-General may provide you with a detailed information on financial requirements concerned.  

You also can apply for Education Visa through the process of changing type of your visa (you have entered Thailand on a Tourist Visa) or changing your status (you have entered Thailand under the applicable visa-free regime) while you stay in Thailand.. 



1.  issued Non-Immigrant ED Visa or changed visa or status in Thailand;

2.  an original letter from the respective education institution (school, institute, or university) confirming that you actually attend courses/take classes;

3.  all necessary documentation from your education institution (school, institute, or university);

4.  witness testimony from one of your classmate - confirmation of actual attendance of courses/taking classes. 



1.  you are not entitled to work, do business, or hold any consultancy positions in Thailand;

2. you have to submit 90-reports to the respective immigration office.     


For questions or clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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